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women are respected in Iran!

  •  Commented on: October 13, 2013


  •  Commented on: October 13, 2013

other books about wilayt e faqih which you can download in pdf format

  •  Commented on: September 30, 2013

other books about wilayt e faqih which you can download in in pdf format


  •  Commented on: September 30, 2013

.... and every thing is forgotten at the end!!!

  •  Commented on: September 24, 2013

jazak Allah

  •  Commented on: September 17, 2013

any body knows when was this speech recorded?

  •  Commented on: July 15, 2013

Imam-e-Asar kay markaz sy apna dil joro...unhe ki nusrat-e-doran ki sammat rukh moro...mafaad-e-zaat sy niklo ghuroor sab choro....Ali kay mannay walo anna kay bat toro...milay ki fateh-o-zafar khud sy ibtada tou karo! ahsan! JazakAllah

  •  Commented on: May 07, 2013

sadkay!!! Maula apnay hifz o aman main rakhay lambi umar ataa karay! baba kay mission of jari rakhain

  •  Commented on: May 03, 2013

good job!

  •  Commented on: May 01, 2013

Darwinian process are not a whole explanation for life! exactly,! biochemist in the video made very convincing points!

  •  Commented on: May 01, 2013

They are indeed the reason of HIS recognition!!! Wajhullaah!

  •  Commented on: May 01, 2013


  •  Commented on: May 01, 2013

intelligence to be viewed as cause of life!!

  •  Commented on: May 01, 2013


  •  Commented on: May 01, 2013

go iran go!

  •  Commented on: May 01, 2013

Video appeal in which he foreboded his own martyrdom and appealed for donations. Let's all honor the appeal made by Shaheed Sibt e Jaafer & donate generously to Shaheed Foundation Pakistan. You never know it could be your family one day...

  •  Commented on: March 18, 2013

guzar tou jaiye gi teray baghair bhe laikin....buhat udaas bari beqarar guzray gi

  •  Commented on: March 18, 2013

ya Rabb!

  •  Commented on: March 18, 2013

al ajal ya Muntaqim

  •  Commented on: March 18, 2013


  •  Commented on: March 04, 2013


  •  Commented on: March 04, 2013


  •  Commented on: March 04, 2013

This is the High Time that we must protect ourselves, and stop relying on government/army or anyone except Allah (swt) , security agency suggestion by allama is really good and seems to be feasible !!

  •  Commented on: March 04, 2013

read the book at this link

  •  Commented on: February 05, 2013

part 5 is missing.......

  •  Commented on: December 07, 2012

Enlightening poetry, heart touching recitations, beautiful adjustment of visual images and a much needed upload
Allah Bless you all
alam ko tham kay sab bayyat-e-Hussain karo!!!
aray ya aaj bhe tou Ahoor ka he din hy...!!!
n you can feel the trance...

  •  Commented on: November 18, 2012

jo bilkul he bay-deen hy uspay appka lutuf o karam hay...!!!

  •  Commented on: November 17, 2012

is ashura Muharram 1434 of Maulana Aqeel Gharavi (Hayyat aur Hussain ) available on shiatv?

  •  Commented on: November 17, 2012

well done for Descriptions...very nice idea! it must be done with all clips... anxiously looking forward for next parts

  •  Commented on: November 17, 2012

if there are more such videos, where we can view the text of Ayyats/translation/tafsir also, please share the link

  •  Commented on: November 12, 2012

until we stand united, they'll keep killing us, please come out of the Organizations barriers and policies and stand united to make a difference , if we don't help ourselves , no-one else is going to bother

  •  Commented on: November 11, 2012

yeh Ghar Barbad jo hotay hai... kaash tu apne Ghar samjhay ,
Renowned scholar Saeed Haider Zaidi was martyred in a targeted attack of terrorists in Karimabad district central on Friday.9th Nov 2012

  •  Commented on: November 09, 2012

tears only...

  •  Commented on: November 09, 2012

nice!i wonder how people against Islamic revolution claim it to be something 'forced' of Iranians? while it was chosen by themselves!
secondly i wish all Muslims realize the importance of jurisprudence and role of jurists! Muslims should realize importance of Islamic principles for Governance! "juda ho deen siyasat sy to rah jati hay Changezi!"

  •  Commented on: November 05, 2012

@AliAli thank u so much!

  •  Commented on: October 28, 2012

can anyone please share link of Part I ???

  •  Commented on: October 26, 2012

can anyone please tell me where was this seminar held?and when? any new follow up session on this topic being organized currently or not?

  •  Commented on: October 26, 2012

no doubt it is a MUST WATCH
may Allah (swt) bless Agha Ali Murtaza Zaidi and give him long life & more strength to serve the path of Ahlulbayt as ameen sumameen we are lucky to have such scholars in our era...ALHAMDOLILLAH

  •  Commented on: October 25, 2012

jazak Allah

  •  Commented on: October 25, 2012

His voice has a unique trance, each word reaches the soul! and every sentence opens new horizons of thinking! He is Shaheed indeed

  •  Commented on: October 23, 2012

this clip has removed my confusion ... Much Needed ! jazak Allah

  •  Commented on: October 23, 2012

loved the way of distributing flowers and information cards about our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) to non-Muslims....we all must follow just steps!

  •  Commented on: September 28, 2012

har shab main ya pheyla hoa pur-noor sawera...bus Mahdi-e-Doraan (atfs) kay chehray ka asar hay...ya qos-o-qaza, noor ki barish ya falak bhe...sab kuch meray sarkar (atfs) ki aik raah-guzar hay! simply beautiful! jazakAllah

  •  Commented on: September 25, 2012

Heart touching! made me cry ... keep it up Kauthar tv

  •  Commented on: September 24, 2012

mashAllah! qiyamat hay kay zaair bhe tarasta hay ziyarat ko...salamat hay qayamat tak magar zoaq-e-nazar apna!!!

  •  Commented on: September 23, 2012

great! must watch

  •  Commented on: September 20, 2012

ya sahib az Zaman adrikni!

  •  Commented on: September 19, 2012

un ka ghar har uss shakhas kay dil main hay, jo Imam-e-Zaman (atfs) ka aashiq hay...

  •  Commented on: September 18, 2012

Nice Stories! Thanks For Uploading!

  •  Commented on: August 31, 2012

why the graphics quality of islamic movies at shia tv is...poor as compared to same you tube...

  •  Commented on: May 29, 2012

worth mentioning the event of martyrs wife!

  •  Commented on: January 02, 2012

title is very beautiful haya!, an appropriate way to define woman

  •  Commented on: January 02, 2012

great upload! but sometimes audio interrupts

  •  Commented on: January 02, 2012

2.Parliment(who will pass laws which will be sent to guardian council){guardian council is chosen by wali e faqih}
3.Experts council (80 mujtahydeins who will chose the Wali e Faqih and inspect wali e faqih)
Authorities of Wali e faqih
what is dictatorship
situation of pakistan
question answer session

  •  Commented on: November 06, 2011

Lecture outline: wilayat e faqhe different from all other systems like democracy dictatoship to chose walie faqihe?.wilayate faqih wo deeni nizam hay jo ghaibat k zamnay main wajib hay Jo Ahlaybait as chahtay hain, Imam Khomeni ra ka karnama
work of guardian council 3bodies are chosen by Irani public in this system

  •  Commented on: November 06, 2011

6.most important control is on tongue sincere,ponder over philosophies of Islam and Quranic ayyats 8.speech should change lives of people in positive way

  •  Commented on: October 25, 2011

Lecture Outline: 1.spreading religion is a responsibility & test 2.islaah of society 3 two groups aalims & umraa 4.reason of the spread of evil is the lost of self control 5.factors in self control >avoid music >shakam parasti >ask help from Allah (swt)

  •  Commented on: October 25, 2011

O Sayyeda Zahra (s.a) - Please do my intercession in front of Allah (swt).....

  •  Commented on: October 25, 2011

Harmful effects:>
1. Increase in animal lust & false desires 2.eternal unfulfilled wish of devil (slave of Shaitan) 4.lost of the peace of mind 5. Fire of hell

  •  Commented on: October 06, 2011

for his sake et our prayer be granted, let our sins be forgiven, let our requests be granted ...

  •  Commented on: October 04, 2011

Tawassul Quranic References:
Baqra [2:37] [2:154] ,
All-e-Imran [3:169],
Al Azhaab [33:45]..

  •  Commented on: October 04, 2011

Jazak Allah for upload as well as for comment

  •  Commented on: October 03, 2011

Pani pani kar gayie mujh ko qalander ki ya baat
Tou jhuka jab ghair kay agaay na tan tera na man!!! (Allama Iqbal)

  •  Commented on: September 27, 2011

Nice,informative and indeed inspiring !

  •  Commented on: September 25, 2011

awwwwwhhhhhh :( i wish English subtitles were available or i know Persian :(

  •  Commented on: September 25, 2011

He revived the hidden conscience inside him, He turned him against himself, and his bodily lust?Purification of soul means spiritual freedom??!!!!

  •  Commented on: September 25, 2011

Tawakul ka ya matlab hay Khanjar taiz rakh apna
Nateeja uski tezi ka Muqaddar kay hawalay kar!!!

  •  Commented on: September 19, 2011

>stories of Suleman(as) Moses(as) and Firon >whoever loves to be most pious of all people should have tawakul on Allah (hadith)>Prophets & Imams performed their tasks and didn?t care what happen afterwards >make eyes of my soul Illuminous because of your look at me

  •  Commented on: September 19, 2011

>Example of Imam Hussain(as)>every particle of this world is performing an assigned task Beautiful!>Imam Sadiq as refused to pray for a person asking for rizq>applies to every matter rizq, marriage, health in everything>hope of expecting more than your expectations

  •  Commented on: September 19, 2011

Lecture Outine>Relying on Allah entirely>only very special people can reach >two extremes >do your duty and leave result to Allah>don?t deny the cause so as don?t rely on them>example of Rizq>what Scholars pray for their enemies never say O Allah kill them>return their shaar to themselves>justice & wisdom of Allah

  •  Commented on: September 19, 2011

This seminar has actually shaken me!!! Thank God we live in the world of internet! At least we are able to watch Ahlulbayt tv Hadi tv Shia tv etc positive alternative is a great solution! I salute everyone promoting positive media May Allah bless u all and reward u!!!

  •  Commented on: September 16, 2011

>viewers are responsible >get out the spell of media and enjoy time with family >create positive media >proper usage of internet >awareness >discussion with children > real role models for Children

  •  Commented on: September 16, 2011

>Two tricks of media Vulgarism and violence>OMG wrestling!!!>fragile emotions >classification of media 2.information 3. Entertainment (with & without sports)

  •  Commented on: September 16, 2011

Main points;Broad definition of media>its inevitable>hidden agendas behind media>role of media in training>how emotions are exploited and lust is generated>experts vs child>danger point>OMG star plus after effects!!!>media can change even life objectives>role of social scientists

  •  Commented on: September 16, 2011

extremely important end note (in context of blasts during jaloos).
appeals to arrange security of jaloos by ourselves and don't demand it from irresponsible forces.
n in the end motivating for going in jaloos.

  •  Commented on: August 21, 2011

Hujjat-e-Khuda as ki tanhayiein!!
parameters to change society.
corruption in Pakistan is like a black hole what an example.
little efforts can bring huge changes.
u want to help people ur brothers....if u cant do anything.....
u can pray for them at least...pray for them with sincerity ....u can give smile....u can give time.

  •  Commented on: August 21, 2011

lecture outline: explains b4 attacking ur enemy understand the strategy of ur enemy.
and instead of attacking enemy attack his strategy.
realize which weaknesses enemy is exploiting.

Example of Dr.Chamaran (just great example).
real pull-e-saraat.
how we will be able to do nusrat-e-IMAM MAHDI as after Zahoor.
target of shaitan.

  •  Commented on: August 21, 2011

itekaf replacement of hajj /umrah for poor people.
importance of itekaf for Solving problems.
things should be avoided during itekaf.
aamaal during i'tekaf.
duaas during i'tekaf.
surah to be recited before sleeping (surah-e-hadeed,Surah.hashar,surah jumma,surah saff,surah taghabun,surah aalla (esp for ziaraat e Masoomein).

i'tekaf sunnat-e-Nabvi

  •  Commented on: August 21, 2011

lecture outline importance of i'tekaf
importance of i'tekaf in today's world
comparison of i'tekaf and today's world
3 kinds of people at day of judgment
planning for life....what we have to take to the next world.
questions to be faced at day of judgment
prevention from fire of hell

  •  Commented on: August 21, 2011

Q7aajkal schools colleges main syllabus istemaar ka tiyarekarda hay...jis say zehan mukamal tor
par tabdeel ho jata hay aissay main hamari zimmedari kia hay

  •  Commented on: August 21, 2011

Q3nojawanoun ko aamli kirdar k kuch aamli amoor beyan karain (again a vvvvimp answer)
Q4sabaqaa adwaar min tarikhe islami main bhoroaun ka kia kirdar hay
Q5 interior sindh k noojawanoun k hibbhe-Ahlaibait as ki tawanayi ko kaisa istemaal kia jayie?
Q6 Pakistan main shia or geir shia tanzimoun main ittehad mumkin hay

  •  Commented on: August 21, 2011

Q1pakistan mian iqlabie Iran k bad jawanoun main asar aya tha...ab wo khatm ho gea hay kia waja hay?
Qm2eray khayl main Pakistan main Islami inqilab ki gujaish nae hay ki kia raye hay?
(what an amazing answer from Agha Syed Ali Murtaza Zaidi for this question......must must
must listen)...

  •  Commented on: August 21, 2011

Role of Youth in the Islamic Movement by Agha AMZAIDI - Urdu
imp of topic
what is tehrik
what is tahrik-e-islami
components of islami tehrik
importance of youth
why youth is important
difficulties of youth
who is ba-shaor jawan?
comparison of Hizbollah & Taliban
recommendations for youth
elecriticity potential in Pakistan
question answer sesion

  •  Commented on: August 21, 2011

objective of life?perspective of successful life & life partner ?personality analysis?natural differences b/w husband & wife?rights?expectations?communication?personal needs?role of morality?adjustment needs time?personal experiences of Maulana?

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

Summary of previous shows?what is perfection?what is perfection of intellect?preparation for marriage?communication gap with parents & scholars?

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

answers to email about: 1:wife used to tell her husband his faults ?what skills are necessary for wife?2:mother in law disturbing & interfering home?3:a wife disturbed as her husband ignore & taunt her?4:if wife has a high status than husband?5:in laws not satisfied with the girl

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

Daal kahan say aie hay :D

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

: importance of collective thought & its rewards?role of every person?ijtemai shadian?duties of matrimonial offices?emails answers related to: wife investigating her husband?does marriage hinder spiritualism?

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

how to generate love between couples. Importance of rizk-e-Halal?tawassul?.Love is all about giving?

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

emails?answers related to?what questions a man should ask before marriage with her to be wife?why wife & children not happy with a person who provides them all materialistic needs?which places can be useful for marriage?what criteria matrimonial offices should consider before forwarding requests?suggestions for overcoming financial problems?

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

can love develop without money? Can woman do job to share burden of husband? Religious obligations and social issues related to that?how family can suffer? Advantages & disadvantages due to wife?s job?ideal jobs for ladies

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

Communication differences ?ladies do indirect communication?catharsis differences?woman like to talk: D expression of love differences?how love can be generated ?effect of parent?s love on children

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

wife is the moving spirit inside house?upbringing of children?how to make home beautiful in least expenses?proper usage of husband?s money?
How to bridge the communication gap between life partners?find common area of interests ?clear & direct talk in beautiful way?woman do indirect communication?communication tips? give respect?share feelings?

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

Responsibilities?is this a burden? Responsibilities of husband?balancing his home?balance yourself in three areas ?professional, family & personal?economic duties?guidance for children?maintaining discipline?responsibilities of wife?maintaining peaceful & loving environment in home?sacrifice & patience?

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

answers to emails related to ;if a wife doesn?t do household work?importance of morality?2. a husband helps his wife in household work but disturbed with taunts?3. Can woman meet her parents & sister without her husband?s permission?4. a guy wants to get marry young?

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

:husband?s rights?beautiful explanation of obedience?protection of husband?s money & wife?s own dignity?try to look beautiful & be prepared?importance of patience?permission before going out ?
logical & illogical expectations during making relationship?try to become an inspiration for your partner

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

Does Islam make tight society?Reward of following principles?Importance of law?
Rights of spouse?
1. Understand each other ?
2. Respect ?
3. Love?
4.Morality (khush-ikhlaqi)
5. Forgiveness
6. honesty?
7. Acknowledge
Individual rights:
What husband should give to her wife (material needs)?
Respect & forgiveness ?
Protection of wife?

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

Points:Summary of previous shows? Difference between religious & secular society ?Materialistic vs religious society ?How ideas prevail & develop in society?Things to consider ?jab app rishta lanay jayin?

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

Answers to email related to:If Parents aren?t agreed on one?s choice?.Why some girls don?t have proposals ?.If a wife doesn?t ask her husband for permission before going out ?Girls have proposal but parents aren?t accepting any?

  •  Commented on: August 12, 2011

Changing & modifying personality for successful marriage
It requires:
Strong intention...
Strong personality ...
Confidence ...
Rights & responsibilities ...

  •  Commented on: August 07, 2011

points :
Natural differences between man/woman
Communication level differences...
Intensity of faith...
Shopping nature...
Expression level differences ...
Listening nature...
Expression of love...

  •  Commented on: August 07, 2011

Questions you should ask to yourselves
What kind of personality you have
Are you self centered?
What is your communication level?
Do you share your thoughts & problems?
Can you easily make friends?
Is your friendship long lasting?

  •  Commented on: August 07, 2011

Intention & target of marriage
Imp of knowing personality? intellectually & emotionally
Define yourself in 10 lines
Define your favorites and dislikes about your life partner
Increase your capacities don?t run after idealism you have to built life together
What is my type includes
Thinking & perceiving perspective

  •  Commented on: August 07, 2011

Answers to Emails?
Related to
Financial problems?
A wife looking to change his husband?
Back biting your life partner who is your dress as described in Quran?

  •  Commented on: August 07, 2011

Jab app shadi shuda zindagi guzarnay jayin tou hosh o hawas main reahtay hoyie ya kaam karain ! LOL :D

  •  Commented on: August 07, 2011

Be honest know yourself & be ready to accept both the positive & negative qualities of other person
Importance of Compatibility and developing after marriage
Moral Values
Know the needs
Know the types of both families
Intention & target is v.imp

  •  Commented on: August 07, 2011

Main points:rnWhy Islam focuses on youth to get married young... rnBoth life partners complete each other physically mentally... emotionally & spiritually ...rnWhat is the ideal married life?...rnWhat points to be focused before getting marry...rnYour prescriptive about life your life partner & married life should be cleared...

  •  Commented on: August 07, 2011

Importance of youth in Islam
Examples from the Life of Holy Prophet (PBUH & HF)

  •  Commented on: August 07, 2011
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