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Volunteer Opportunities

1. Translator: Join us and translate videos/audios from and to any language and spread the knowledge.

2. Reporter: You may be a professional or a person wanting to be one, try out your skills in reporting. Report events from your local community, present good analysis. Let your imagination run wild, share with the community, educate people, make them think! Join ShiaTV, here is your opportunity.

3. Producer: You might be a professional or an amateur, if you like creating your own video for the world to see, go for it and send in samples for ShiaTV review and join in! 3.Graphic Designer: You might be an artist, or a computer graphics person, willing to serve the cause of our prophet and furthering his message. Join in to express your creativity to the world. Send your information.

4. Uploader: You probably like to browse the internet and know where everything is, have a large collection of media files, CDs, DVDs, etc. Share it with the community, load it on ShiaTV! One video a day adds up to 365 videos a year, anyone can do this!

5. Programmer: You thought you got that degree or certificate and want to serve the cause of our imam with it. Now is your opportunity. Join ShiaTv, contribute your technical skills, we have many opportunities for creative, self sufficient, independent individuals.

These are just a few, there are many others, use your imagination and contact us by Clicking here or send us an email at [email protected]

ShiaTv reserves the right to accept your request for volunteer opportunities. We will need record of previous achievements and at least two verifiable references from your mosque, youth group, hussainya/imam bargah, etc.