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1. Viewer: View videos at
How can I become a viewer? Anyone who accesses is considered a viewer at ShiaTV.

2. Member: Download videos to be played offline, download audios of any videos available on Share videos with friends. Send a message to any other member. Add videos to favorites. Create own playlist and actively use and promote ShiaTV.
How can I become a member?Click on SignUp link here or at the top right corner, complete form and register. Finally, upload an avatar of your choice. Enjoy and use the many facilities at ShiaTV.

3. Uploader: Upload unique and original videos and spread the message to a large community.
How can I become an uploader?In order to become an uploader. You should have been a member in good standing. Please send an e-mail to ShiaTV for the latest minimum requirements to become an uploader. In general, ShiaTV requires a reference from a current ShiaTV team member (uploader, QA person and others) and a record of prior uploading elsewhere, reference from your mosque/center/youth group. ShiaTV reserves the right to accept or decline your request without any reason.

4. Premium Uploader: Become one of the few premium uploaders. Being a premium uploader will enable you to utilize ShiaTV utilities to download media from external repositories and will empower you to use other video conversion utilities that are given only by special authorization.
How can I become a premium uploader?Demonstrate your dedication and diligence in uploading content. You are passionate about spreading the truth and bring originality to the team. This requires that you have contributed alteast 250 unique and most original videos on ShiaTV in a three month period. Once you cross this threshold you can request to become a premium uploader. If approved you will be able to enjoy this fast uploading capability. ShiaTV reserves the right to accept or decline your request without any reason.

5. QA Member: Access to the Quality Assurance (QA) section at ShiaTV which means that you are one of the first ones to watch any video uploaded on ShiaTV. As a QA team member, you will be authorized to vote on accepting or rejecting any video from appearing to the members and general public.
How can I become a QA Member?Once you have uploaded 500 videos, mostly original and unique, on ShiaTV, you can send a request with references to become a QA Team member. Based on your references and track record a decision will be made on your request. ShiaTV reserves the right to accept or decline your request without any reason.

6. QA Lead/Final Approver: The most powerful authorization on ShiaTV. This designation enables you to make videos available for public. You are a moderator of the Web Site and will be making a final decision if a video should be made available to public or not.
How can I become a QA Lead?Once you have uploaded 1500 videos on and worked as an active QA member for at least 6 months, you may be considered to enjoy this super authoritative rank. ShiaTV reserves the right to accept or decline your request without any reason.

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